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The Marketing Help You Can Trust

You’re Looking To Start A Business, Launch A Product, Or Develop Your Invention? Are You Confused Or Uncertain About What To Do First?

Whether to…

  • Get a patent?
  • Talk to or hire an attorney?
  • Search for a business consulting agency?
  • Meet with a design or website firm?

We’ve all heard the horror stories, how most businesses fail. So you are nervous and want to succeed. Well, rest easy… HELP is now available.

The First Thing you should do is Contact Us!

Our marketing advisors are standing by ready to help you. Visit us today at and sign up and become informed and market-ready.

Help Is Now Available
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Your first call is on us.
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Gets you access to talk to our Marketing Advisors to answer your Marketing questions

The What Do I Do First team of seasoned Marketing Advisors are looking forward to helping you with your Sales/Marketing questions.

The Marketing Help You Can Trust

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With the help of What Do I Do First, you won’t be guessing what to do, you will know what to do.

The Plan

Here at What Do I Do First, we came up with a plan…

Before you break the piggy bank or take out unnecessary loans, try us first.

  • The first call is on us, so we can find out how we can help you
  • For as little as $59.99 a month, you will have daily access to our team of Marketing Experts that can advise and help you make the best Marketing decisions
  • Our consultations will give your idea, product, or business the best chance of success possible

At What Do I Do First we are here to take the guesswork out of your MARKETING and give you the HOW and WHY MARKETING WORKS… so it can WORK FOR YOU!

What’s in it for us?… We get a chance to give back and pay it forward by sharing with you our Marketing experiences and successes and help you navigate and avoid the Marketing pitfalls that await all new businesses.

Our Marketing Advisor Network has over 100 years of traditional and current digital Marketing experience working with entrepreneurs from the ground up… to working with and for America’s top brands, which gives us the confidence to tell you how to save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars… and avoid putting the cart before the horse.

So before you pay a manufacturer, rack up printing fees, design advertisement, or create a website, know what to do first. Call 866-300-6003


“Who your true customers are will become a reflection of what you as an entrepreneur and business become.”

– Anonymous

Who we are… a Sales and Marketing team of advisors with over 100 years of experience as dedicated Sales/Marketing executives who want to pay it forward by giving and sharing our experience to help and assist up-and-coming inventors, and entrepreneurs and to give them the answers to their Marketing concerns.

What Do I Do First will help guide you in your Marketing/Sales planning and the execution of your plan. From product market development, market roll-out, and market growth. We understand both the science and creative aspects of Marketing and its ever-evolving Marketing mix. We all agree here at What Do I Do FirstFail to Plan, Plan to Fail. 

The Brain Power Behind What Do I Do First…

Robert Rosario

Robert Rosario is currently the founder and CEO of IncuBiz Marketing Group. Under the leadership of Robert Rosario, IncuBiz has become a national multi-award-winning interactive web design and an online and traditional marketing firm geared for start-ups and small to mid-sized businesses, with most of IncuBiz’s clients being prepared for product and service market roll-out through packaging, presentation, and delivery models which include online and traditional distribution.

John J. Duncan

John Duncan is a seasoned, highly recognized, and proven professional in the food and beverage manufacturing and sales and distribution industry directly and indirectly doing business and generating over $600 million in sales within the last 20 years at every level from fortune 500 companies to independent manufacturing companies.

Our founders, who are dedicated to your success have also worked for or with the following companies…

We know success because we understand failure.

Relationship Marketing, Relationship Selling, and Building Relationships with Customers are the hallmark of today’s business success stories. At What Do I Do First, we introduce this Marketing Mindset to you and show you how to make it a foundational approach with your Marketing Actions.

Our advisors are here to help you with every Marketing step you take from your Marketing Planning to the actions you take in accomplishing your plan from A to Z.


“Three simple things: know your product better than anyone, know your customer, have a burning desire to succeed!”
– Dave Thomas, Founder of Wendy’s

What we do is take the guesswork out of all your Marketing Material and provide you with a roadmap on what traditional and digital Marketing Material to have, how to use them, and when to use them, which will be noticed and well-received by all involved in your business channel/network with your Marketing Messages.

Such As:

Fail to plan is planning to fail.

On the question of the business plan, we will not write, nor should you pay anyone to write your business plan for you. Writing your own business plan is an inherent character trait of successful businesses.

If we write your business plan for you, whose business plan is it really? Did you know that your business plan can be copyrighted?! What our team will do, is help you with your plan’s overall outline and recommend what your plan should have in it and review your plan with you and help you fine-tune it, get it ready for presentation and make sure you have the information to acquire an NDA and copyright for your plan.

We want to ensure your Marketing Foundation is on solid footing.


The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing
– Walt Disney

We will meet you where it is most convenient for you.

Here At What Do I Do First We Have Multiple Options With Contact Points.

Call us at 866-300-6003 or click the button to fill out the form and get started today.


“If you really look closely,
most overnight successes take a long time.”
– Robert Kiyosaki

When?… When you are ready.

So the marketing question we ask is “are you ready?”

Over the years we have spoken to hundreds of individuals who have told us that they are ready. So much so that we have broken them into 5 Marketing Mindset categories:

        1. They have a knowing
        2. They know
        3. The know it all
        4. They don’t know anything and don’t have a clue
        5. They want to understand

Our experience tells us that those who take on the perspective of understanding what they need to know from Marketing are the ones whose Marketing Programs are successful.

Our goal is to have you see your Marketing Approach from the general to the specific when it comes to predictable outcomes. To develop in you what we call “The One Thing Marketing Focus,” and understand the “How” and “Why” of this Marketing Focus so your Marketing Action Steps will work for you or your organization. Then it will be easy to connect the dots.

When we get you to this point, your Marketing, as we say will be on point with:

  1. Its message and all its physical and digital assets
  2. Its unique value and selling proposition
  3. Know and understand your Marketing as you build your relationship with your customers
  4. You will develop and have a one thing Marketing Focus and know what business you are truly in.

Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming. – Richard Branson

When and how do we start?…

When you are ready, our job is to get you ready by helping you establish your Marketing Foundation. Marketing encompasses your entire operation, from product development to its roll-out. It is both a science and an art form. When combined correctly it will give you an understanding of the How and Why Marketing works so it can work for you. At What Do I Do First, what we aim for is to give you the How and Why so Marketing will work for you and your success.


“You only have to do a few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.”

– Warren Buffet

Why What Do I Do First?… because it’s not who comes out first, but rather who comes out correct and first.

This is our sole purpose, to help you by answering your Marketing questions and addressing your concerns.

Why… to give you a solid Marketing foundation as you embark on your successful venture.

We have heard all the stories on how “if I knew that then I would not have done this.” We listen to you objectively and then put you through our subjective Marketing questions. We don’t want you to guess at or gamble on your dreams in the marketplace. Everyone can live with predictable risk when you play the odds, the odds don’t play you. When playing the odds, initial errors can be overcome or avoided altogether.

By looking at your market correctly and all its areas it allows you to navigate the market to your advantage not put you behind the 8-ball before you even begin. We will make sure you know all the Marketing questions you should be asking and understand the answers.


We know how to package, present, and deliver your product/invention or business plan to the key sectors in today’s marketplace.

We start by asking you a very critical Marketing two-part Marketing question…
“What Business are you in? And what product or service will you be providing?”

Not knowing the answer to this two-part question beforehand is the number 1 reason why…

  • 80% of all new products whether they have a patent or not, will fail.
  • 75% of new business ventures will eventually fail and not reach their market potential
  • Thousands of dollars will be paid to patent and business lawyers, business consultants, product design or website firms, the majority of which will miss the mark by not asking you this question.

* statistics source: SBA Bureau and Labor Statistics

Business Failure… the overwhelming reason why we believe this happens to the aspiring inventor, product developers, and entrepreneurs is that they fail to recognize the market by not truly knowing what business their enterprise is in.

At What Do I Do First, we will start you on the right Marketing footing for this 21st-century economy, or as we like to say… You build to start… you start to complete and grow your product, your invention, your business into a successful recognizable local, regional, or national brand. A brand name that is trusted, proven, and welcomed by today’s customers because it delivers on its promise to them.


For a little as $59.99, you have daily access to talk with Marketing Experts about your Marketing concerns and the best scenario to give you the best start possible.

From product packaging to web design to product concept development and all the Design and Marketing and Sales Support in between, we advise you on what to do first.

The key is to create a lifestyle-driven environment for your product to thrive in so that your customers will develop an emotional connection to your business in return giving you a chance to become a successful brand.

Remember $59.99 a month gets you a lot of insights into the Marketing World and will ultimately teach you how to market your own business and/or product… taking the guesswork out of Marketing so Marketing will work for you.

Basic Starter Package

  • Daily access anytime normal business hours that you have a question or need advice, you can call and talk with one of our Marketing Consultants
  • Branding & Marketing ideas
  • Retail information
  • Product packaging consultation
  • Business & price-point consultations
  • Website development consultation
  • Social media consultation
  • Patent & Trade Mark attorney referrals – 10  law firms to choose from
  • Promotional and digital ad campaign consultation
  • Business/product market roll-out plan consultation
  • Investment plan advice

Our 100 Years Of Marketing Experience Wants To Help You


For as little as $59.99 a month you get access to talk with our Branding and Marketing experts when you have a question or would like further guidance on how to grow your business, grow your product or further develop your idea. Our team has over 50 years of getting products to the market and has access to over 150,000 stores in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Inventors, Creators, Pioneers, Innovators, and Product Developers, never give up, always believe in your ideas, realize your dreams.