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“Who your true customers are will become a reflection of what you as an entrepreneur and business become.”

– Anonymous

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Who we are… a Sales and Marketing team of advisors with over 100 years of experience as dedicated Sales/Marketing executives who want to pay it forward by giving and sharing our experience to help and assist up-and-coming inventors, and entrepreneurs and to give them the answers to their Marketing concerns.

What Do I Do First will help guide you in your Marketing/Sales planning and the execution of your plan. From product market development, market roll-out, and market growth. We understand both the science and creative aspects of Marketing and its ever-evolving Marketing mix. We all agree here at What Do I Do FirstFail to Plan, Plan to Fail. 


For a little as $59.99, you have daily access to talk with Marketing Experts about your Marketing concerns and the best scenario to give you the best start possible.

From product packaging to web design to product concept development and all the Design and Marketing and Sales Support in between, we advise you on what to do first.

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The key is to create a lifestyle-driven environment for your product to thrive in so that your customers will develop an emotional connection to your business in return giving you a chance to become a successful brand.

Remember $59.99 a month gets you a lot of insights into the Marketing World and will ultimately teach you how to market your own business and/or product… taking the guesswork out of Marketing so Marketing will work for you.

Basic Starter Package

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  • Daily access anytime normal business hours that you have a question or need advice, you can call and talk with one of our Marketing Consultants
  • Branding & Marketing ideas
  • Retail information
  • Product packaging consultation
  • Business & price-point consultations
  • Website development consultation
  • Social media consultation
  • Patent & Trade Mark attorney referrals – 10  law firms to choose from
  • Promotional and digital ad campaign consultation
  • Business/product market roll-out plan consultation
  • Investment plan advice
marketing consulting agency,marketing consulting services,Marketing Consulting

Our 100 Years Of Marketing Experience Wants To Help You


For as little as $59.99 a month you get access to talk with our Branding and Marketing experts when you have a question or would like further guidance on how to grow your business, grow your product or further develop your idea. Our team has over 50 years of getting products to the market and has access to over 150,000 stores in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Inventors, Creators, Pioneers, Innovators, and Product Developers, never give up, always believe in your ideas, realize your dreams.